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CFTO CBD products

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Hair/ beauty

Confessions of a Hair-Addict

With our line of work, over the last 23 years I have heard it all. I have celebrated new beginnings, styling a beautiful bride. I have consoled a grieving widow. Parents dealing with their sick children or family member. I hear about people’s happiness, when they have a event or party to attend. Holidays are usually pretty happy! I also try to help people build self confidence. So many people look in the mirror with a look of sadness or disappointment on their face, due to lack of confidence. I try with all my power to change that vibe, so that by the time I am done, my client leaves feeling like a peacock, so proud of their new look, showing off their beautiful feathers with confidence. There are so many emotions I face day to day. Feeding off each others energy is strategic. Trying to find a nice balance from the person who doesn’t talk, or the person who talks to much. Lol we are all so different, and unique. I never know what mood my next client will be in, or what I’m about to hear. I must be ready for anything. There isn’t much that can surprise me. I need to stay open minded, and be sure to react appropriately, no matter what the topic. I do my best to balance the energy between us, so in the end of it all, my job of making the person feel good is what matters most. I am going to try and put together the best told stories from any Stylist & Barbers who are willing to share what until now only the client, themselves and the mirror have heard. Mirror memoirs…. we have some great stories. Some my own, others I’ve worked with, and others who are willing to share their stories with us.

I’ll start by sharing a little secret with you….

*products are important ‼️ I cannot say that enough. If you want, long, healthy, shiny hair. Treating it with care, is a must.

Basics: ( things I just can’t live without)

1- Shampoo for your hair type.

2- Conditioner to match

3- apply your favourite leave-in, followed. with brushing. ( wet brush is recommended)

* 2-3 times/ Week


Nourish the hair ( this is what keeps it from breaking)

chrohns , colitis, IBD, Priorities

Priorities ∧ perspective

It’s amazing how perspective can be prioritized and so different for each individual. I used to worry about a little cellulite on my thigh, or loosing a few extra pounds. Once my illness settled in and became much more seriouse, and real, my priorities have changed. Instead of worrying each pound on the scale, I worry my food continues to digest and not get stuck. I complain all I can eat are carbs & Dairy, I want to loose weight, but in reality, I should be thankful I can eat again. Instead of a little cellulite, I worry about not loosing my hair or teeth. We can be surrounded in a world so vain, that the important things are so often forgotten. How can We be confident if we lost most of our hair and hear people hate their 115lb body because a few stretch marks are showing or some cellulite on their thighs? I go through a grief period each time I loose another piece of me. Whatever IBD has taken, weather it be my freedom of mind, my hair, my teeth… with each phase I find myself floating through the process. It can be a repetitive feeling. But comes again each time a loss is experienced. When I loose another piece of me, I begin with shock! I cry in grief and disbelieve what has happened, I feel alone and want to isolate myself. 2nd is anger that I have no control of what my body does to me. 3rd is bargaining with the dr about the situation. 4th is accepting the facts, accepting this is my reality. 4th is healing… the body & mind, trying to move forwards and keep hope that one day soon , a cure will be found💜 to anyone who has ever let anyone make you feel insecure, people should learn to love & accept themselves, no matter what the situation. Try to stay as healthy as you can, and love who you are. There will never be another you! Forget the small things and remember to look at the big picture. Withought our health, we are nothing. No perfect body shape, face or money can bring back our health! Wishing you all a happy and pain free day!